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#RSQStyleSpotlight: Vera Wang’s Priya Shukla shares secrets to her fabulous travel style

And it’s refreshingly candid yet sassy!

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Priya Shukla, SVP - Global Communications, Vera Wang

With Vera Wang, Alaïa, and Caroline Constas as her favourite clothing brands, it’s not difficult to point out that Priya Shukla’s style is unconditionally glamourous without being over-the-top. From an unpaid internship to Senior Vice President of Global Communications – Vera Wang, Priya has taken over the New York fashion scene with her polished yet risk-taking attitude. A risk-taker in life and fashion, she knows the right way to complete an ensemble is to access your inner accessory guru. And over a very delightful chat with Runway Square editor – Charu Gaur, she shares her ideas of travel, style and well, how to travel in style.

Vera Wang's Priya Shukla Talks About Her Travel Style
Photo: @PriyaDeluxe on Instagram

Runway Square: How would you define your style?
Priya Shukla: I don’t know that if I can define my style, but I dress according to my mood or occasion. Though one thing is for sure, and that is that I do tend to overdress and I’d rather be ‘extra’ than understated and boring.

RSQ: When did you start documenting your personal style on Instagram?
Priya Shukla: I started posting to Instagram in 2013 I believe. Back then I wasn’t only posting outfit pictures, it was a mix of everything: food, travel, family etc. I don’t use Facebook or anything else so it was the only place where I started to maintain an online “diary”.

Vera Wang's Priya Shukla Talks About Her Travel Style
Photo: @PriyaDeluxe on Instagram

RSQ: You daughter Belle is quite fashion forward at such a young age and she seems to really enjoy that, how did that happen? Does she take inspiration from you?
Priya Shukla: I’d love to take all the credit for Belle’s love of fashion but part of it is just who she is. There’s certainly a nature/nurture aspect, but she does truly love clothes and shoes, and is quite girly. I used to choose all of her clothes before but now that she is a little older (almost 4), she has a real opinion. 

RSQ: What’s your process of packing for a travel?
Priya Shukla: I only pack what I need. I lay out an outfit for each day, pair it with the right shoes and accessories, and take a photo, so I have a reference when I am on the road. To avoid excess, I pack shoes and accessories that are versatile and mix well with multiple outfits. I do the same thing when packing for my daughter and I also start a week in advance so, I have time to get anything that is missing. Especially now that I have a child, I find there is always something I need to buy or order as they grow out of things so quickly. 

Vera Wang's Priya Shukla Talks About Her Travel Style
Source: @PriyaDeluxe

RSQ: Beach, mountains or cities, what do you love packing for the most?
Priya Shukla: I love packing for beach vacations the best. I was born and raised in Australia, so being by the ocean feels like home to me. It is where I am most relaxed and I happen to love Resort dressing like kaftans, robes, hats, swimsuits, dresses etc.

RSQ: What are the five favourite items that you love to pack?
Priya Shukla:  Firstly, scarves as they are useful and functional. And you can layer them over clothing or tie in your hair or onto your bag. Then there are hats and headbands for a quick and easy way to make your hair look “done” even when it isn’t. And jewelry to jazz up even the simplest outfit. Lastly, a portable steamer as not every hotel will give you an iron and even if they do, who wants to iron clothes while on vacation, and a steamer is so much faster and easier. 

Vera Wang's Priya Shukla Talks About Her Travel Style
Source: @priyadeluxe

RSQ: When you travel, do you take inspiration from the destination while you pack? If yes, could you please help us with an example?
Priya Shukla: Yes, I always pack according to the destination, so I have the right things for the climate and schedule of events. For example, when I go home to Australia during summer, it can be unbearably hot so I will only take clothing that is light weight and breathable.

RSQ: Do you consider yourself to be an over-packer?
Priya Shukla: I used to be an over-packer but having a child changed all of that. I don’t have the luxury to over-pack now that I have to travel with a stroller, toys, pull ups, kid snacks etc.

If you had to give us a few tips on packing or travel style what would those be?
Priya Shukla: Well, I roll all my clothes instead of folding them; I find that to be a big space saver.

Vera Wang's Priya Shukla Talks About Her Travel Style
Source: @priyadeluxe

RSQ: And what have been your learnings from your journey in the New York fashion scene?
Priya Shukla:  I broke into the fashion industry by taking an unpaid internship that – through hard work and dedication – turned into a job. When people ask me for advice, the first thing I always say is to be nice. It sounds trivial, but it’s not. This is a small industry, and your reputation is everything; kindness goes a long way. Also, always be eager and willing to learn. None of us know it all, it’s all about growth and evolution

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