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Runway Square Weekly Tarotscopes (May 23rd – May 29th)

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This week (May 23rd – May 29th) is a week of calm, strength, and forging ahead. You may feel like you are running behind schedule, but focusing on doing things that are most important first, will get you where you wish to be. Divine timing is at play for everything and you will find the support you need; all you need to do is ask and trust. You cannot be everywhere, so choose to be where it is most important at the moment. Practicing presence is key this week. So, if you are working on a project, be fully present while you are there. And then when you are home, be fully present when you are back. Applying this to whatever you do this week will help you stay calm, and focused and channel your energy, effort, and time effectively. Remembering that you always have a choice between being stressed or being present will help you make more empowered decisions.

♈ Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19

aries weekly tarostcopes

This can be a happy week where you make quantum leaps if you decide to let the bygones be bygones. Perhaps your past memories, childhood emotions, past beliefs, and ideas about life may be running the show of your life on autopilot and it may feel like you are stuck in eternal inertia to get out of it. Shake up your energy by trying something new. Make the most of your innocent excitement when beginning with something and get started immediately before you let your nay-saying mind get involved. If you feel it is right for you, just dive right in. The next few months are going to be elevating your life to a new level. Something you began in April will take a fresh turn but it needs you to show up as if you already have it. Co-create the life you want. Sow seeds this week.

♉ Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20

taurus weekly tarotscopes

On the personal front, you may be wanting to take a break with your loved ones. You may feel a sense of belonging to your partner and other relationships. You will most likely want to make time for your loved ones this week. On the work front, however, things are moving fast. It may feel like everything is happening all at once, yet you may have to be a little patient and show up for yourself by standing your ground. There are two messages coming in for you, Taurus – take what resonates and leave what doesn’t – the things that are moving right now, especially around your career, will go full throttle a year from now. What feels like a grind now will bear fruits a year from now. Secondly, all that is happening in your personal life right now- will help you take things to the next level in a year’s time. So, if you have been holding back on a big proposal (personal or work) putting in the work now will help you feel ready approximately a year from now. Keep going Taurus, these are exciting times for you!

 Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21

gemini weekly tarotscopes

Turn your OCD tendencies of having everything done only a certain way, into something that allows more freedom creatively and literally. You may be trying to juggle too many things to the T and you may also be feeling that life is currently enjoying throwing curveballs your way. Well, what would happen if you accomplished 5 things imperfectly instead of not a single one completed with your idea of perfection? Only one thing would come of it – you would have moved forward from your current situation. So, ask yourself, how can you turn your NOs into YESes. things will begin to move forward from there. Expect changes to flow in from Friday.

 Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22

cancer weekly tarotscopes

What would happen if you just asked for help and accepted it? Wanting to be the caregiver directly translates into Only you doing things till you feel burnt out. What if you chose to strike a balance by reminding yourself that it is okay to receive just as you give? It doesn’t take away from your self-worth or feeling of being wanted. It just allows others to contribute to your life just as you do to theirs. Victory is a given thing for you but you can choose whether you want to get to it with ease or by choosing the rough waters. This week try and be vary of others consuming your time and energy. Make space for your loved ones in your life while honoring your work commitments. What is yours will never pass you by and while you do need to work for it, you do not need to slog. Trust your inner ebbs and flows to know when to rest and when to act. New opportunities are on their way, but you need to make space for them to enter your life.

♌ Leo (Lion): July 23–August 22

leo weekly tarotscopes

If you have experienced loss in any way, or have released some huge emotions or relationships, take time to heal. This week focus on forgiving yourself and others for everything that went wrong in your perspective. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy, but it is possible. It is not even something flowery and woo-woo. It requires effort and presence from your end. In truth, it doesn’t depend on whether the other person is apologizing, it only depends on whether you are willing to allow yourself to move beyond what has already conspired. A simple way of doing this is to remember that there are always multiple sides to the same story and that while yours makes complete sense to you, it is only part truth. Also, what has happened is in the past, and reminding yourself to hold onto what has happened is forcing yourself to remain chained to something that is not moving. Reach a truce with yourself and the other party involved. This is the time to take action to look forward. Process your emotions and only take forward the skills your experiences have taught you, not the hurt.

♍ Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22

virgo weekly tarotscopes

Virgo! This week you finally realize what all those NOs in your life were redirecting you towards. You have taken full responsibility for your contributions towards things that didn’t work out in the past and are now willing to change things. You have entered a phase where everything is fresh and new for you to create with. While you are basking in this newness, also remember to hold space for others’ emotions to be felt, seen, and processed. This is a new beginning so enjoy the ride, do the work, and create consciously. If the universe told you, you can have all you wish for – what would you create? Look for signs and flow in that direction.

♎ Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23

libra weekly tarotscopes

Libra, a MAJOR life change is about to take place in your life in the next couple of months. As you know within your heart that something big is about to exit – also know that trying to hold on too hard is not going to make it easy. You are someone who handles life with grace – so know that you can handle this too. Allow your heart to slowly release its grip over what was and could be, to process what is and how you can deal with it. Reach out to your loved ones for help, take a step back from self-criticism and remind yourself that we all only do what we feel is best in the moment. Allow this beautiful chapter to close with love and know that it will always be yours.

 Scorpio (Scorpion): October 24–November 21

scorpio weekly tarotscopes

In what way have you been going against your instincts? While for some of you, your partners may be showing up in ways like you’ve wanted them to, for some others the message is to be more intuitive in your decision making. Letting logic solely govern your decisions is not how you are meant to operate. This week take an inventory check and be willing to let go of things/ ideas that are weighing you down. You will receive huge opportunities and blessings between July & September, but for now, focus on your instincts and walk your talk. Things are looking better than what they were. Open your heart to allow things to flow to you. You are absolutely ready for a gear shift in your life. Claim it! Long-term rewards are guaranteed.

 Sagittarius (Archer): November 22–December 21

sagittarius weekly tarotscopes

Your loved ones/team acknowledge and appreciate your undying support in their lives. There have been times when you have pushed away your own needs to make space for their’s and it definitely hasn’t been easy. However, now, things are shifting. The scales are balancing out and you are now part of a very supportive ecosystem or team. You wishing well for others will always bring you bigger blessings as nothing goes unnoticed in the eyes of the universe. You are now in a leadership space in your life and are ready to show up with creative ideas and ways of looking forward. Balance out your intuition with your logic and allow the universe to grant your wishes!

♑ Capricorn (Goat): December 22–January 19

capricorn weekly tarotscopes

Get ready to party this week, Capricorn! New contracts, associations, relationships, and partnerships are on the horizon for you! Keep your eyes on the goal and show up with unwavering faith in yourself, the universe, and your goals! Go for gold this week – don’t get stuck in the change, look at the bigger things coming your way. Finding creative solutions will make things move in a swifter and effortless manner. There is nothing you can do to push away what is meant for you – so don’t sweat the road bumps. Balance your emotions and keep your ears open. Try something new this week, it will bring you rewards.

♒ Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20–February 18

aquarius weekly tarotscopes

Introspection, rewards, rest, and recovery are major themes for you this week! Something has happened recently that is making you want to look within to see how you have shifted and changed over the past few years. While nostalgia may have caught you off guard, you are also willing to recognize that you are now blessed with things you couldn’t fathom earlier. Striking a balance in your life is what gives you the most happiness now. By doing this consistently, you are changing the wheels of fortune in your favor. You are surrounded by those you love, what else could you ask for? Take some time to recharge this week. Go slow and steady. Take time to appreciate life.

♓ Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20

pisces weekly tarotscopes

You have asked for something and it has been granted but not in the way that you wished for. And now, all you can see is how you haven’t received it in a way that you wanted to. Well, the Universe wants you to know that what you have asked for needed a lot of things to get worked through and you can be assured that things have turned out as fairly as possible for all involved. For now, it may seem unfair, but in the long run – trust that a lot more is on its way to you. This is a time for moderation, cooperation, and balancing the scales. A major part of your karmic debt is settled for some. What you have is worth more than what most others do – love, family, friends, or a support system of sorts. Material gains can be rebuilt, loving relationships are what we take with us forever.

Hoping you all have a fantastic week ahead! Do write in and let us know your thoughts about this week’s tarotscopes!

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Snehaa Khanna Sahgal is an energy consultant, soul coach, and angel therapy practitioner. You can find her on Instagram: @snehaakhannasahgal.

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