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Keeps you sane while traveling with multiple zips and fun prospects!

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Pakt Travel Bag

In your 30s, few things give you pure, unadulterated joy while traveling. A good drink (Roku Gin from Tokyo #ftw), a nice fluffy bed after a long day of museum-hopping and a good travel bag that takes the pain out of packing and unpacking. Give or take breakfast in bed and meeting a stranger with prospects in the lift.

While a good drink can be sourced and researched, a good bed can be chosen, the only thing we can’t seem to find is a good travel bag that fits in all of our clothes, accessories, technology, and troubles. Until one day on Netflix, we spotted “The One”.

You see, in your 30s, the one is no longer just a human connection, it can be a good book and a warm bath (courtesy Jerry McGuire), or more. In 2018, The One came in the form of a bag with multiple zips and innovative compartments. Say hello to Packt, this new sensation that has been featured in a popular Netflix documentary “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.” and currently it has raised over $1.1 million on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Packt travel bag - ultimate travel bag

Malcolm Fontier, a renowned entrepreneur had launched this one, aptly called The Getaway, a duffel-type-suitcase hybrid, in 2011. It’s become so popular that it gained some serious attention from Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists, who were authors, podcasters, filmmakers, and public speakers and soon, it was featured in the “Minimalism” documentary on Netflix. Now, they collaborated and created the ultimate bag: The Packt One. So why is it the ultimate travel bag?

It’s got its own definition. On the website, they say, that it combines “the casual versatility of a duffel with the organization of a suitcase.” Interesting. We watched this fun video by Matt D’Avella, who is our go-to guy for all things life advice and bam, this bag that he shows is genius.

Noteworthy details include TSA pockets that help you quickly stash stuff for security checks, an internal laptop pocket, clip-on loops for water bottles, sunglasses and things and lots of compartments to keep it functional and clean. Plus, no branding whatsoever – that’s really how we like our accessories, these days. Packt is currently available in 3 colors and is made with fuss-free animal-friendly materials.

It’s going for $275( Approx 18,900 Rs) right now on Indiegogo, but once that campaign ends, it should go up. So, now is the time to strike! To be honest, creating a new bag for minimalists seems like it’s an oxymoron – but we’d like to think, it’s for wannabe minimalists like us – sorry Zara sale!

Buy the bag here.

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