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#RSqVideo: The Art Of Flat Lay Photography

As the food arrived, Jannat said “One second, I’ll quickly take a photo!” Oh, it was going to take a LOT more than 1 second. She wanted to take a flat lay.

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The gorgeous and multi-talented blogger/entrepreneur Jannat Miranda (JMode) was the first International guest on Runway Square’s Not Another Interview. She was kind enough to suggest a place (The Brass café at Dubai Citywalk) for our setup and we quickly realised that we both were crazy about Nutella and Avocados (yep, Millennial stuff). We ordered Nutella Brioche, Hazelnut Chocolate French Toast with two Hot Chocolates. I was hungover, so it didn’t hit me that we ordered an all-chocolate breakfast. Clearly, we were off to a great start!

As soon as the breakfast arrived, I heard Jannat say the most familiar line of this decade — “One second, I’ll quickly take a photo!” As soon as that happened, I knew two things:

  1. It’s going to take a lot more than 1 second, she wanted to take a flay lay. A minimum of 300 seconds, if I’m lucky.
  2. The camera was set for the interview so all I need to do is pretend to adjust it and shoot what was to follow. Best decision ever.

Boys and girls, if you ever wanted to know how Instagram royalties take those fabulous flat lay photos, learn from the best! Here’s a quick tutorial. Notice the hand placement! Watch and learn.

Featured image source, and a detailed guide to flat lay photography

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