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The Best Face Masks That Are The Perfect Pick-Me-Up For You Skin

To happy skin days forever and ever!

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Image Courtesy: Purearth

From dalgona coffee to banana bread, from TikTok to Instagram Live and loungewear, there are many a thing that have caught our attention in this unanticipated quarantine lifestyle of 2020. And among them, you’ll find very humble yet fun face masks as well. Truly the most indulgent step of the skincare ritual, these turned out to be the absolute self-care essential for the staying-at-home, working-from-home routine. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a good old Netflix session while sipping on a glass of wine and slathering your face in your favourite face mask. Oh! And now, you can pair up your masking session with your morning mails and coffee time as well for a much-relaxed WFH situation.

Well, the sheer amount of choices in face masks can be overwhelming after all, there are a plethora of different formulas, ranging from jellies to clay pastes and the easiest-to-use overnight masks, to choose from. And no matter whether its dehydration, congestion, skin irritation, or pigmentation, you’ll find a face mask for any and every skin concern. Like Forest Essentials Sandalwood & Nagkesar Facial Treatment Masque (for skin nourishment), Origins Out Of Trouble 10-Minute Mask (for skin clarifying and oil balancing), Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Face Mask (for hydration), and Herbivore Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask (for deep-cleansing). That said, don’t forget the masking concoctions that have worn over skincare fanatics across the globe. You can practically consider GlamGlow SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, Purearth Mitti Raw Honey Masque, and Glow Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask as ‘break in the case of emergency’ items in your skincare arsenal.

Yes, our masking obsession has indeed reached new heights. And in case, you too are looking for a way to give your skin a little extra TLC (or just looking for a great self-care moment), we have round up the best face masks out there for every skin type and every skin concern. So, scroll through the gallery to find a new WFH partner (or two) for you. Happy Masking!

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