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The Best Smart-Luggage Options That’ll Make Your Travel Game Smoother

From suitcases with built-in batteries and scale system to ones that you can ride on!

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AWAY The Bigger Carry-ON, Image : AWAY

Whether you are travelling next for business or a week-long getaway, there’s something to be said about the fear of over-packing your bags and/or realizing that your bags didn’t make the connection. This is where smart-luggage comes to rescue you from any of your luggage-related anxiety. With built-in features like GPS locator, USB ports to charge your devices and self-weighing scale system, smart-luggage is the best upgrade to happen to travel luggage since 360 ̊ spinning wheels and telescope handles.

And to be honest, you don’t have to sacrifice the look of your suitcase, just because it comes with ‘smart powers’. I mean, take a look at the cult favourite The Bigger Carry-On by AWAY or Horizn H6 check-in luggage. While both of them have the essential smart-power of battery charging, Horizn tops it with a travel assistance app – Horizn GO – that’s being relaunched this year. From built-in scale system of Samsonite’s Pixon to motorized Modobag and the exceptionally ‘smart’ Planet Traveller USA Space Case 1 (with bio-metric lock, speakerphone, global tracker, and power bank), smart-luggage has changed the course of the travel industry, with sleek design aesthetics and efficient technology, for years to come. And adding to the design evolution, we have Néit’s collapsible suitcase that folds flat for easy storage and Samsara’s flat-top design suitcase that makes for a perfect mobile work station at airports. Looks like a suitcase doesn’t always need a bunch of electronic technology to be smart!

In case you are looking for style and some smart powers in your rolling suitcase, we have round up our favourite smart-luggage options below. Go ahead and find your next trusty travel companion for reduced travel and luggage stress.

Happy (and smart) travel to you!

Note: As per recent regulations, make sure the battery in the suitcase is removable, even if it’s a carry-on.

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