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Is Your Instagram Being Ruled by Shades Of Green?

Everything is green, green and green!

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Up until now, Millennial Pink, Gen-Z Yellow and Melodramatic Purple have been part of the colour clickbait package, though only Millennial Pink has managed to last; surpassing expectations of one and all. I mean, don’t we all just gush over everything and anything in this very sublime dusty pink hue?! It’s almost like there’s been an aura of this peaceful pink hue on our Instagram feeds for about last three years. And even though Gen-Z Yellow and Melodramatic Purple stood out, they couldn’t match upto the popularity of Millennial Pink. But now, we have our eyes set on the startling green. And as you scroll through Instagram, you’ll find that the pink blur is fading a little, giving way to a variety of green hues that shuffle between lime and deep forest shades.

(L-R) Spring/Summer 2019 – Michael Kors, Versace, Prabal Gurung, Emilia Wickstead, Balenciaga
Image: Vogue Runway

Acid, lime, mint, pistachio, olive, moss, guacamole and forest – there’s a version of green out there for everyone which in a very delightfully strange way looks good as well. While acid green started popping up in smaller doses since last year, saturated and neon green hues provided the much needed drama this summer after their dominance over the spring/summer 2019 runway (Balenciaga, Prabal Gurung, Emilia Wickstead, Michael Kors and Versace). But the onset of fall/winter has brought out a different perfect outfit recipe with pistachio, sage and mint as the preferred shades of green; supported by Sally LaPointe, Molly Goddard, Marc Jacobs, Jil Sander, and Ryan Roche. Even olive green has been updated by the likes of Richard Malone and Lanvin to add to its wearability and take it beyond the militarian influences. And this was followed up by final update of the season that included switching up deep emerald hues with dark yet fresh forest green hues, courtesy Valentino, Sies Marjan, Rosie Assoulin and Oscar de la Renta. Then this year, we also have had Jennifer Lopez shut down the spring/summer 2020 runway and social media when she walked down the Versace runway (at Milan Fashion Week) in an updated version of the famous jungle print dress she last wore to the Grammy Awards nearly two decades ago; creating a perfect green storm again across the web!

(L-R) Fall/Winter 2019 – Jil Sander, Molly Goddard, Oscar de la Renta, Sally LaPointe, Marc Jacobs
(L-R) Richard Malone, Valentino, Lanvin, Rosie Assoulin
Image: Vogue Runway/WWD

Jennifer Lopez Versace

Jennifer Lopez in Versace jungle print dress for S/S 2020 Runway Show
Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

As shades of green infiltrated the runway, it wasn’t surprising to see celebrities and influencers gravitating towards it. After all, they not only work well for summer by creating a beautiful contrast against the sun, beach and blue skies, but also compliment the standard winter shades of berries and midnight sky – making them really, truly instagrammable! Well, Sophia Caniaux does look absolutely surreal swimming with sharks and complimenting Bahamas blues with that green swimsuit. And while Tracee Ellis Ross and Maria Bernad show us how to play with the summer golden hour, nobody does justice to the autumnal vibes more than Diipa Büller-Khosla and Roopal Patel. For the daredevil souls, Mariaane Theodorsen brings all the best shades of green together for a surprising yet soothing winter moment. Oh! And how can we miss out Sonam Kapoor from this green list, especially after she wore that very appealing forest green BADAAM sari.

(L-R) Maria Bernad, Roopal Patel, Sonam Kapoor, Tracee Ellis Ross
(L-R) Marianne Theodorsen, Sophia Caniaux, Diipa Büller-Khosla

Photos: Instagram

If you are still feeling apprehensive about this generation green spectacle, you may find comfort with some bright, popping makeup after all this colourway is not just limited to clothes and accessories. And we have pulled out some fascinating looks by few of our favourite make-up artists – Namrata Soni, Hung Vanngo and Nikki to get you on board the green train.

(L-R) Make-up looks created by Hung Vango, Namrata Soni & Nikki
Photos: Instagram

While we can all agree that green is very much underrated, it also happens to be surprisingly charming and of course, universally versatile. And it’s even more encapsulating that this generation green spectacle coincided with the rising affinity and realization for sustainable fashion and lifestyle across the globe. Though it still remains a mystery that will this generation green ultimately fade or take over the exceptional success of Millennial Pink, it’s interesting to note that even the emergence of Millenial Pink had coincided with the uprising of genderless notions making pink more neutral than ever and thereby, belong to an entire generation. This makes us point out that these new colourways not just serve the purpose of clickbait, but also happen to be the metaphor for the current culture and mood. And before the colourway/mood changes like on a 90’s mood ring, we have put together a gallery to add a little green envy and excitement to your wardrobe. So, go ahead and wear your green!

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