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It’s The Wedding Season! And This Is Your Sugar And Spice Guide For Bachelorette Gifting. 

To naughty and nice or sweet and sentimental with a whole lot of love!

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MyMuse Perfect Match Card Game, Image Courtesy: MyMuse

First, let’s make one thing clear: brides are the shining star of every wedding festivities, from the bachelorette party to the wedding itself. So, when it comes to finding that perfect gift, always focus on the bride-to-be, and gift her something you know she’ll love with or without her soon-to-be partner.

Personalised jewellery or honeymoon essentials, luxe fragrances or gift of pleasure – mark this milestone occasion in the bride-to-be’s life with a special gourmand of sugar and spice gifts; starting with a rather cheeky and fun bachelorette. And yes, a bachelorette is more than just about celebrating the bride; it’s about celebrating the friendship and love shared amongst the bride and the bridesmaids – with a bachelorette holiday being a rather perfect last affair! From matching swimsuits or PJs (stamped with words like Team Bride) to Polaroid camera and skin essentials, the bachelorette prezzies can even include holiday must-haves for the celebratory weekend and by no means have to be limited (but preferred!) to all things naughty and nice.

Below, scroll through the ultra-sassy #RSQBacheloretteRegistry with gifts so good that your friend (and even you!) would want to marry them instead. Think something naughty and nice or sweet and sentimental with a whole lot of love. And brides-to-be, many of these will also spice up your bachelorette party favours – after all, you got to give your favourite girls what they really want. 

Misho Memento Pendant

There’s nothing more meaningful than capturing the love and memories shared. And this handcrafted pendant etches those moments back to life, making it an heirloom of love. And a perfect bachelorette memento! 

MyMuse Mini Bullet Massager

This handbag-sized, sensational massager is designed for some mighty, pleasurable FUN –  for beginners and pros, and solo and partnered play. Yes, this is a definite case of small size, big impact! And well, MyMuse even has a dedicated bachelorette gifting option to choose many more incredible bedroom essentials for the bride as well as the bridesmaids. 

MyMuse Perfect Match Card Game

Friends or partners, cringe or cute – you can play this card game to compete, enjoy, and reminisce about your friendships and relationships PG-13 style. Oh! And with this, you can even solve the eternal ‘who knows whom better’ couples argument. 

Kilian Paris Rolling In Love EDP

With a romantic and undeniable addictive gourmand of floral-tinged vanilla and musk, this is truly the fragrance of love – and an ideal gift for the one who’s ready to roll in love. 

Hunkemöller Zara Satin Slip Dress & All-Over Lace Kimono Robe

A quintessential bachelorette gift for the classic naughty and nice mood. 

CHANEL L’HUILE Jasmine Body Massage Oil

This divinely fragrant oil is going to be their ultimate companion for massages, with or without their partner. 

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